Color or nude, up to you

Isabelle Smith, Reporter

When coming to nail color it can be tricky, depending on the season and the type of colors you are fonder of. Everyone has their favorite colors they choose on their nails every time, but there is more out there than nude pink.

These nails below are bright and fun colors and are worn mostly during the spring and summer (& for people like me YEAR around)! However, not everyone likes a bright color nail, this can cause the eyes to pay more attention to the nail and cause you to pick at them.

Designs have also become extremely popular over the past two years; it used to just be one simple color but now people are getting masterpieces placed on the tips of their hands.

Below the bright/color nails, there are several types of nail color. Nudes, blacks, and softer colors have always been a huge hit on nails. Most girls/ladies choose this color in the fall and winter. Even though black nails are so dark and catch the eye more than nudes, it is one of the most popular colors. So, the next time you get your nails done will you try something new or stick with the same color?