Colin students visit local radio station

Brookhaven Miss- Copiah Lincoln communication students visit local radio station 102.1
Supertalk in late March to obtain skills and experience in the broadcasting field.
102.1 Supertalk radio station, one of the largest media outlets in the state, was happy to
welcome Mrs. Mary Warren’s Mass Communications class. Account Executive Ben Sills
thoroughly explained how broadcasting has changed in the last decade, while providing intern
opportunities and new career possibilities.
A system that started with the internet through a phone jack, has now become all digital. This
upgrade allows them to broadcast all the way from Memphis Tennessee to the coast of
Mississippi, over 26 stations. With 11 of the stations being music radio and the rest being talk
radio. “We have come a long way, digitally.” Sills said when describing the new capabilities of
the system.
Students were able to join a live broadcast, putting the curriculum into action. Answering several
questions on air, while 250 thousand people tuned in. Sills encouraged students to apply for the
internship available through the Jackson location, also mentioned an upcoming opportunity for
students to air their podcast at the Brookhaven location.